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Week 40 – A Special Treat: The gift of poetry


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Topic of the Week

A Special Treat

I’ll be teaching in London all day today and on a plane tomorrow heading for home.  I can’t wait to see Michael and Poupon, who I’ve missed so much (in that order #x1F600;).

This week, rather than rebroadcast a newsletter, I’ve decided to share a beautiful poem from Nancy Levin’s book, “Writing for My Life: Reclaiming the Lost Pieces of Me.”  Nancy read this poem during our London workshop this morning and so many people were moved to tears. It’s a poem written on the day she filed for divorce from an eighteen-year marriage.  If you’ve been through the painful ending of a relationship, you’ll understand and feel her words…Thanks, Nancy!

hourglass :: a last love poem

i loved you

as much as i could

as long as i could

hard as i could

hard as it was

steadily holding on

to the small piece of maybe

that was finally destroyed

i have done all i can

we came together

in our respective corners

at the bottom of an hourglass

with our own strengths

our own wounds

marriage is to be found

in the voyage

through the tiny neck

of this timepiece

crossing up and over

to the opposite quadrants

those qualities of the other

missing in ourselves

are to be absorbed

for each to become whole

my love

hard as we tried

we simply did not make it

through the passage

the wounds too deep

the rage too loud

the voice too silent

and though i love you

i cannot be

married to you

i lost myself

in the giving of everything

to you

i now know

heartbreak in one

is a pain

unable to be healed

by the other

we can only

heal ourselves

for months

i have been nowhere

and everywhere

wheeling my home behind me

into the havens of others

now i need to land safely

inside the space of my own

i was starving to death

before hunger finally saved my life

waking me to desire

and now you are

free from the wanting more

than i could give

and i will love you

beyond the wound

Take Action Challenge

This week’s video is a beautiful love story involving elephants.  Thank you, thank you, Sharon, I loved it!  You can find it here.

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