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Week 40 – If you don’t listen to the right voice, you might lose your life.


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A message worth hearing again…a bit revised smiley2#x1F600;.

If you don’t listen to the right voice, you might lose your life.

I was sitting in my hotel room answering email and finishing up some work, when I looked over at the end of the bed and noticed the sun had cast a pool of light across the comforter. 

I’d love to curl up in a ball in the middle of that light and take a nap, I thought to myself.

But I continued working. 

Responding to requests. 
Ignoring my own. 

I have to be someplace in an hour.  I don’t have time for a nap. 

That’s when I caught myself listening to the wrong voice.

Why are you ignoring the part of you that wants to take a nap? 

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy the warmth of the sun on your body? 

How come you’re allowing everyone else’s wants to come before your own? 

A little time in the sun would be lovely right about now.

So, I put down my computer, grabbed a pillow, and curled up in the pool of light.  I lay there feeling the heat cross my face as the clouds moved over the sun.  Then I smiled and sank deeper. 

I imagined myself lying on a beach, carefree and happy, soaking in the pleasure of the moment. 

Thank you, I said out loud as I drifted off to sleep. Thank you for listening. 

Over the years I became quite skilled at ignoring the voice that wanted rest and pleasure and fun.  Instead, I listened to my inner task master.

You know, the voice that says:

Work hard. Play later. 
Get your to-do list done and then you can relax. 
Build a nest egg first and enjoy life when you retire. 

Whatever retirement means these days. 

For too long it was easy to withhold pleasure from myself – to make efficiency and completion and checkmarks more important than living my life.

But these days I’m doing a much better job of paying attention to a new voice, a voice that’s changing the rules of the game. 

I’m not waiting for some day to live my life anymore. 

I’m serving a new master – one who is loving and sane, sensitive and smart. 

And here’s the good news:  

I’m still alive.
No one has died (or left).
Everything that really matters gets done.
In the right way, at the right time.

Who knew? 

It doesn’t take hard work or a massive plan of action to start listening to the right voice.

Just a little awareness and a different choice.

Like a nap on a sunny afternoon.

A nap with an important lesson to offer about staying awake. new rules

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