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Week 42 – How to come to a peaceful resolution with the conflicting voices in your head.


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If you’re ready to build a bigger audience for your work, you’ll want to attend this annual event.  Watch a video of Reid and me talking about the program here.  And read more about the agenda so you can register here.

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Topic of the Week

How to come to a peaceful resolution

with the conflicting voices in your head.

This morning I went for a walk on the streets of London to say my goodbyes to this beautiful city. I’ve been away from home for twelve days and it’s been quite an adventure.  Three countries, four cities, five speeches, and lots of moments filled with laughter, deep conversation, and fun.  I’m ready to sleep for the next week!

As I prepared for my walk, I had a lot going on in my head so I did something I often do to quiet my mind.  I pulled out my trusty iPhone, plugged in my headset, and scrolled to my heart’s content.  I landed on Carly Simon’s record, “Letters Never Sent” and decided to use it to make my walkabout a 3-D experience.

I love walking.  It gives me a chance to reflect and mull over life.  And walking to music in a bustling city is quite an adventure.  The songs become a soundtrack to my own personal movie and the people I pass on the street turn into characters with wild and wonderful story lines.

A dutiful businessman becomes a freedom fighter heading to his next assignment, or a hip-dressed woman becomes a sexy, secret spy lurking about with great precision.  Shopfronts, traffic, and alleyways become the sets that support this private film.

This morning, however, my soundtrack started out as an exciting adventure but quickly roused a kind of fast-moving, emotional weather pattern where I felt free and happy one minute, and a bit melancholy and gloomy the next.  Cheerful thoughts were slowly replaced with conflicting voices…

I’m so fulfilled with my life…

I miss the silence and comfort of home…

I’m blessed to teach and share my heart with others…

I hate being away from my cat, Poupon…

My next adventure will be great…

I’m never leaving home again…

This familiar battle rages on and soon the movie in my mind becomes an epic drama of struggle with two distinct and powerful parts of me refusing to peacefully coexist.

Ugh, I think to myself, I’m so over this story line…

Am I the only one living with feuding factions inside? Will this frustrating movie ever end?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

We’re supposed to love and embrace all parts of ourselves.  We’re supposed to accept and integrate the disparate pieces into a healthy, happy whole human being.

Sounds great, but the truth is some days I just want to yell: “CUT” and have it all go away…

This being human is challenging and messy and brilliant, isn’t it?

Yup, I think I need me some sleep #x1F600; .




Take Action Challenge

When you find yourself battling with yourself, be a good mom or dad and put yourself down for a nap #x1F600; .


This week’s video comes from Geneva, Switzerland with a universal message regardless of your religion. Watch it here.  Thanks, Paola!


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