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Week 43 – Break the Spell: Learn to stop worrying


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Topic of the Week

Break the Spell

I’m back home from several weeks of traveling where I loved the opportunity to meet so many of you.  It was a fun book launch, speaking and teaching with Louise Hay.  We had so many laughs and enjoyed sharing what we’ve learned about creating a good life.  I look forward to meeting more of you in Tampa for The Writer’s Intensive and the I Can Do It conference in mid November!

At one point, during my trip to London, I had a chance to put some of what we’ve written about to the test.  One evening, around 11pm, I received a call from my sister letting me know that my mom had been rushed to the hospital by ambulance.  She was very ill and they had no idea what was wrong with her.  My sister was on her way to see mom and promised to call as soon as she had more information.

Now, I’m in London, thousands of miles away from my family, and about to attempt sleep in order to get up early for an interview the next morning.  As I lay in bed, worrying about my mom and my family, I remembered something Louise said to me while writing the book:

“When we worry, we repeat our worries over and over again until we have thoroughly frightened ourselves.  Too many of us scare ourselves with our thoughts.  But miracles occur when we repeat our positive affirmations as often as, or more often than, our worries.  This is how our negative conditions begin to turn around, no matter what the problem.” 

With this advice in mind, I quickly shifted my thinking about my mom.  While lying in bed, I gently stopped myself each time I had a fearful thought and, instead, started affirming:

My mom is peaceful and calm.

Every hand that touches her is a healing hand.

My sisters and brothers feel safe and in charge.

My dad knows all is well and feels secure and confident.

I trust Life to take care of my family and me.

The doctors are surprised by how quickly mom recovers.

Our family is so grateful for her swift and complete healing.

And so on.  I conjured up every possible, positive outcome and used these statements to calm myself down while I tried to rest.  Within two hours I received a text from my sister letting me know that the doctors had identified the issue and mom was now stable and on the mend.

Whether your concern is small or dire, don’t fuel your fear by investing in worrisome thoughts.  It does no one any good.  Do your best to feel good (and to turn the situation around) by focusing on the outcome you desire.  Remember, the more you worry, the more you’ll find to worry about.  Break the spell and send your mind (and your life) in a better, more hopeful and helpful direction.

Take Action Challenge

Be gentle with yourself as you learn to break the spell.  The minute you start worrying about something, stop and congratulate yourself for being so present and aware.  Then, put pen to paper and list at least five positive outcomes you’d most like to have happen.  Keep repeating these present-focused, positive statements throughout the day and notice how the energy starts to shift.

This week’s video is a fun animation short film sent to me by my friend, Greg.  Be sure to keep watching past the credits. You can find it here.  Thanks, Greg!

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