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Week 46 – In Praise of an Ordinary Moment


I’ll be in New York this week for the last I Can Do It conference of the year.  You can get info here.  

And I’ll be in Seattle on February 12th for the first “I Can Do It” conference of 2016 and for my new Self-Care Boot Camp one-day intensive for the general public and for coaches who are interested in taking their skills to a whole new level.  You can get info here.

Have a relaxing week!




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I’m in Orlando this weekend finishing up a workshop so I’m sharing a blog I wrote earlier this year in the hopes that it inspires you to find joy in the ordinary.

In Praise of an Ordinary Moment

Today I’m lounging in my pajamas.

Drinking tea.

Staring out the window.

Cleaning junk drawers.

Taking a long walk.

Watching TV.

It’s not that sexy or exciting and sometimes, when I do this, I hear a judgmental voice in my head telling me I should be doing something more extravagant.

Nowadays, with social media providing a window to the world, I can easily get seduced into comparing my life to the lives of others.

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram or Facebook and thought…

(cue fantasy music)

I should be at a party on a beach in a bikini with a big floppy hat shielding my eyes from the sun as I stare out at the crystal blue turquoise water dreaming about the unbelievable success I’ll soon have with my new product that’s ready to launch next week by my staff of a hundred people working hard on my behalf because they adore me and my work and they’re deeply committed to our mission to save humankind from destruction.


Instead, I’m here in my pajamas at noontime on Sunday, staring at the drizzle outside, pondering questions like:

Should I take a shower, make lunch, or work out?

Oh well.

Nothing exotic or extravagant here. Just plain old ordinary life.

But then something beautiful happens.

Poupon, my little gray cat, jumps up on my lap and nuzzles his face in my neck. He positions his paws on my shoulder and sticks his nose in my ear. I feel the soft, velvety fur of his cheeks tickling my face and I close my eyes and listen to him breathe.

Then, the loudest purr I’ve ever heard begins and I sigh at the perfection of this moment.

An ordinary moment.

Turned extraordinary.

And suddenly all is well in my world.

This Week’s Video

Here’s a great video from SoulPancake on sharing a cup of success. You can watch it here. Thanks, Nicole!