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Week 46 – A request for love and healing energy

Dear Friends,

I can’t thank you enough for your prayers and healing wishes for our sweet Poupon.  Unfortunately it’s not good news.  Our little boy has a large tumor in his chest and it appears that he’s not long for this life in physical form.

As you can imagine, we’re beyond heartbroken as we try to digest this completely unexpected news. That’s all I can say at this point.  Please send Poupon your prayers, love, and healing energy (from what I understand, cats are especially receptive and sensitive to Reiki).  He’s been a member of our online family for more than ten years and I know some of you will be heartbroken, too.

Rather than write a blog, I thought I’d share a link to last week’s Facebook Live session where I read an excerpt from my upcoming book, Waking Up in Winter, about my final visit with Debbie Ford before she passed.  In it, I also talk about the gifts of death and dying that lie beneath the breath robbing pain.

There’s nothing like facing the loss of a loved one to make crystal clear what matters most.

You can watch the video, here.

xo Cheryl

P. S. – There will be no Facebook Live Session this week.  You can find prior ones on my Facebook Page and on my YouTube channel at CherylRichardsonTV here.