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Week 48 – Good Luck: The power of preparation


Monday, (11/30 at 9pm ET) is our monthly telegathering and I’ll be joined by Dr. Joan Borysenko, author of the terrific new book, “It’s Not the End of the World: Developing resilience in times of change.”  We’ll be talking about what you can do to not only survive these challenging times, but also thrive to your highest and best potential.  Check out more details about her book here, and send your questions by hitting reply to this newsletter.  Please put “telegathering” in the subject line. To join us on the call, dial (646) 519-5883 and use pincode 2346# promptly at 9pm ET.

This week I’ll be joining Dr. Chris Northrup on her new Hay House Radio show to talk about self-care.  It’s an excellent program that airs on Wednesday mornings from 11am to 12 noon ET.  You can join us this week on 12/2 by going to

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Topic of the Week

Movers & Shakers

This week I head to New York for my last trip of the year.  I’ll be teaching a new workshop called Movers & Shakers: Building a Multimedia Platform that Brings Your Message to the World.  The development of this program is a great example of the quote “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  

Movers & Shakers was born from a simple, yet powerful question I began to ponder a couple of years ago as I thought about approaching fifty.  I wondered, “What legacy might I want to pass on to others as I move into the next phase of my life?” Being a teacher and writer who has built a successful platform that shares my work with an international audience, I realized that my experience could be used to help those who are actively engaged in work that is changing the world in a positive way.  Whether these people were politicians, corporate executives, spiritual leaders, writers, artists, technology gurus, or public servants, I knew that it would be an awesome opportunity to help others make a bigger difference by bringing their work to a larger audience.  So I quietly and deliberately began to prepare the outline of a program that I would one day offer to serious movers and shakers.

Fast-forward two years.  During a conversation with my friend, Nancy, Director of Hay House events, I learned of a spot open in New York City for a program at the end of the year.  Nancy and I talked about what kind of workshop I might deliver and I immediately told her about Movers & Shakers.  She loved the idea and suggested that I talk to Reid Tracy, president of Hay House.  Preparation was about to meet opportunity.  

Now, when preparation meets opportunity, magic starts to happen.  If the intention is pure, and the time is right, the details often fall into place.  That’s what happened with this program.  When I mentioned the idea to Reid, he liked it so much that he offered to lend his knowledge and expertise.  As a result, we decided to partner up and teach the weekend workshop together.  And, once we posted the write-up online, the program sold out within two weeks (before we even had a chance to get the word out to our communities).  So, responding to the demand, we immediately scheduled several more for 2010.

Some might call this luck, but I know better.  When you ask yourself powerful questions, you get answers.  When you follow through with those answers, you engage the power of preparation.  And when you’re prepared, you know exactly when to answer the door when opportunity knocks.  

The final piece of good luck will be with us this weekend for the event.  Unbeknownst to attendees, we’ll be joined by an amazing, modern-day Mover & Shaker – Louise Hay herself.  Now, that’s what I call lucky ☺

Take Action Challenge

How prepared are you for new opportunities?  What dream, intention, or goal are you quietly and deliberately developing?  What legacy might you leave as you enter the next, great stage of your life?  Don’t just read these questions, answer them.  Breathe life into what matters most by taking the time to prepare for your luck.  

If you’d like to learn more about the Movers & Shakers program, click here.

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