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Week 48 – Here’s What Happened At The School Of Rock


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Here’s what happened at the School of Rock

Led Zeppelin – Journey – Queen – U2 – Yes – Rush

These were some of the bands that sustained me through the angst-filled years of my youth.

I love music and back then, listening to my favorite albums inspired me in ways few things did. I studied lyrics, memorized melodies, and when I was lucky enough to see a concert, I imagined myself on stage consumed by the joy of doing something I loved.

Last weekend I indulged my passion for Rock n’ Roll when Michael and I attended the preview of a new Broadway show, School of Rock, based on the movie with Jack Black. A collaboration between Julian Fellowes and Andrew Lloyd Webber, this musical is an exciting, wild ride from beginning to end.

The lead, Dewey, played by Alex Brightman (think Jack Black on steroids in the most perfect way), is a teacher in a stuffy private school where the faculty is exclusively focused on keeping parents happy by doing everything necessary to insure their kids get good grades.

Emphasis is placed on filling their heads with information rather than teaching them to listen to and follow their creative desires.

Dewey has a different agenda, however, when he discovers that several of his students share his passion for music. He forms a secret band with them and in doing so, gives the kid a chance to do what they love rather than what’s considered “appropriate.”

The singing and dancing, the set designs, and the contagious, creative energy, all made for an unforgettable event.

At the end of the show, walking back to our hotel, I turned to Michael (a fellow writer) and said, “I’m so grateful to Ileen (our friend) for arranging this experience and I feel blessed to do the creative work we love to do.”

It’s something I wish for everyone.

This week, as we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the states, and put special attention on all we have to feel grateful for, I think about the people who’ve supported my creative dreams.

My mom who gave me a diary when I was a young girl.

My first literary agent, Ashley, who believed in the power of coaching long before anyone knew what the heck it was.

My editor, Marilyn, who continues to talk me off the ledge when I doubt my ability to write a book worthy of being read.

To name just a few.

It really does take a village and this week I thank mine. Which, by the way, includes you smiley2#x1F600;. I consider you part of my tribe and I’m grateful for your emails, your posts, and your willingness to read my words.

May you enjoy many blessings this holiday season…heart-icon#x2665;

This Week’s Video

This week’s video is a beautiful exchange between a dad and his son about the Paris attacks. You can watch it here. Thanks, Kerri!