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Week 49 – The Right Question: One simple self-care tip to change your life


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Have a happy week. (Happy Birthday, Dad! #x1F600;)



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Topic of the Week

The Right Question

Feeling stressed out this holiday season?  Getting swept up in obligations or expectations?  Ready to move on from 2012?

Here’s one of the best self-care tips I’ve learned all year from the lovely Louise Hay.  The moment you start to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, fed up, or fried, go to a mirror, look into your eyes, and ask yourself the following question:

What could I do right now to make you happy? 

Then, do what you can to fulfill your request.

Asking and responding to this one question will help you to eliminate a bad mood, reduce stress, and enjoy a little peace of mind (and it will make you smile  #x1F600;).

So, go ahead and give it a shot.  Ask yourself the question right now and see what you come up with.  After all, you’ve got nothing to lose but your unhappiness…#x1F600;

Take Action Challenge

Get in the habit of asking yourself the above question a few times a day.  Put a reminder in your calendar, set an alarm on your iphone, or print out the question and keep it in view.  One simple, powerful question might just change your life.  How cool is that?

I couldn’t remember whether or not I sent this video previously, but when I watched it again it didn’t matter.  It’s a beautiful six minutes of feel good therapy.  Please take a deep breath, get quiet, and enjoy.  You’ll find it here.


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