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Week 50 – How to make worry your new best friend.


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Topic of the Week

How to make worry your new best friend.

This morning I woke up worrying.

It didn’t start out that way.  I opened my eyes to bright sunlight and smiled as I felt the warmth of Michael’s body next to mine and the familiar weight of Poupon cuddled on top of my feet.

My moment of bliss went to hell in a handbasket though, the moment my mind joined the party and created a racket!

I only have 17 days left to shop for Christmas.

I still haven’t shipped the gifts piled up in the pantry.

It’s too cold out to take them to the UPS store.

I hope Michael doesn’t freeze to death at the football game today.

How do those guys play ball in thirty-degree weather anyway?  Don’t their hands go numb?

My hands hurt.

What if the arthritis is getting worse from all the typing I’ve been doing?

It’s probably my diet.

I need to drink more green juice.

And swear off dairy and wheat and anything white forever and ever.

Oh, and I have to give up chocolate.

But I still have more typing to do to get through all the email sitting in my inbox.

I’ve been lazy about responding to email.

Because I’m such a procrastinator

What if people think I don’t care about them?

Crap, they probably already think that.

I bet my friend Marie hates me because I haven’t gotten back to her about dinner.

Speaking of dinner, what the heck am I going to do with all the food in the fridge left over from the holiday party last night?

Ok, ok, I said to my mind in a firm, parental tone.  Knock it off!

I rolled over, cuddled closer to Michael, and wiggled my toes to include Poupon in the love.

Then I closed my eyes and remembered…


I forgot to remember that worry is my prompt.

It’s a signal.

A request for my presence.

A reminder to come home to where sanity lives.

I breathed in slowly and repeated my mantra:

This present moment is peaceful.

This present moment is powerful.

This present moment is all there is.

And when that doesn’t work, I just remind myself that any day now I could die and none of these thoughts will matter.

At all.

Morbid, I know.  But it works.  There’s nothing more important than being fully alive in this moment.

A good thing to remember, especially over the next month when too many of us make worrying a full-time job …  #x1F600;



This beautiful video from Audrey will make you feel good.  Really good.  Watch it here.

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