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Week 50 – Lighten Up: Laughter is good for the soul.


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I’m also heading to Las Vegas after my Australian Cruise for a one-day “You Can Heal Your Life” event on Saturday, January 21st.  Louise Hay and I will be speaking at the conference and we’ll be joined by Robert Holden, Marianne Williamson and Caroline Myss.  For more info, visit here.

I’m live on the radio this week (12/12 at 5pm ET/2pm PT) and you can listen by visiting You can also call for laser coaching at (866) 254-1579.

Have a great week!



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Topic of the Week

Lighten Up

I’m married to a guy with quite a sense of humor.  Good thing.   I can be pretty intense and serious sometimes #x1F600;.

Every now and then I wake up to find a cartoon from Michael in my email inbox.  His creativity and quirky perspective on life always makes me smile and his cartoons remind me to:

Lighten up

Not take life too seriously

Relax and stop trying to control my world

Laugh more

Make my own sense of humor more a part of my daily life

Today, I thought I’d share his latest cartoon about our cat, Poupon, in the hopes that it makes you smile.  And, just in case you need a little lightening up, too… #x1F600;

Take Action Challenge


This week, share a little laughter with someone. Forward the cartoon to an animal lover, or watch this week’s video with your family and have some fun!

Thanks very much to Andrea for sending this week’s video.  More laughter for your enjoyment!  You can watch it here.

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