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Week 51 – What if your favorite song of all time is doing this?

Last Tuesday night I turned on the TV to watch the finale of The Voice and discovered that the opening song was My Way by Frank Sinatra – my dad’s favorite.

The young man who sang it, Billy Gilman, did a spectacular job and as I listened to the words, I realized they described my father to a tee.

You can watch his performance here starting at 5:51.

My dad loved to sing. He had a great voice and Frank Sinatra was his go-to guy. When I was in my mid-twenties, my father confessed that growing up, he harbored a desire to sing professionally. Had it been available, I can imagine him auditioning for a show like The Voice.

That night, watching Billy’s performance, I was struck by how accurately it described who my father was and how he lived his life.

It got me thinking…

Did listening to and singing My Way have an impact on how my dad lived his life?

Do we all have a go-to song that’s secretly shaping who we become and how our life unfolds?

I know from my work in the field of consciousness that everything we take in through our senses has an effect on the reality we experience. The daily news affects our emotional state, for instance, or the people we hang around with directly influence our quality of life.

The idea that a song we listen to and/or sing on a regular basis could become an anthem for our life is an interesting way to think about thought influencing reality.

Last night, I talked to Michael about it over dinner. I asked him to name one of his favorite songs. He thought for a few minutes and then said, Closer to the Heart by Rush. When we looked up the lyrics, he admitted that they did, in fact, reflect both his view on life and the core principle by which he lives.

I’m still working on mine. I can’t quite make the connection between Stairway to Heaven and my life .

Do you have a favorite song that’s been with you most of your life? When you listen to the words, do they seem to correlate with who you are and how you live?

I’m curious about this idea and would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment on my Facebook Page and let me know.


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