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Week 52 – Happy Holidays from my home to yours

I’m happy to report that I’ve joined the living once again, now that I’m nearly recovered from a nasty flu.  While spending my London vacation in bed wasn’t the plan, it provided me with a chance to practice a very important spiritual skill:  Accepting what is rather than ruminating over what could or should be.

Acceptance invites peace.

As we near January 1st and enjoy the last of the holidays, I want to thank you for taking the ride with me this year.  It’s been a wild one, hasn’t it?

Gratitude has been my North Star and will continue to serve me well into 2018 I have no doubt.  I’m a grateful writer who never loses sight of the fact that she has an audience (many of whom have been with her for years), who read and listen to her words.

It’s an honor and a privilege to share my world with you.

I hope you and your family enjoy the holiday together and that you are the recipient of special moments, acts of kindness, and maybe even a miracle or two.

There are blessings waiting for you… you only need to ask .

Happy, Happy Holidays!




P.S. – There will be no Facebook Live Session this week during the holidays but I have no doubt that I’ll show up spontaneously at some point . You can always watch previous sessions on my YouTube channel at CherylRichardsonTV here.

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