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Week 52 – How to view darkness in a new light.


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How to view darkness in a new light.

Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, we experience the shortest day of the year before welcoming in the reemergence of light.

For lots of people, the light can’t come quick enough.

As I sift through comments on social media and read the emails that come into our office, it’s clear that the last several months have felt tumultuous and unsettled for many.

I know the feeling because it’s been a challenging time for my family and me, as well. My dad’s been sick and the unpredictable nature of illness is giving me an opportunity to learn how to skillfully ride life’s emotional roller coaster.

Here’s some of what I’m learning:

There are times in life that are just plain hard and there’s no thinking your way out of it.

Learning to accept what is has been a blessing.

Uncomfortable feelings won’t kill you.

Learning to befriend sadness, fear, or the anxiety of uncertainty will make you gutsy and strong.

Crisis brings up the unhealed places in people.

My job is to tend to my own wounds so they don’t inflict any additional pain on others.

There’s no such thing as being prepared for the worst.

There is, however, great value in being prepared for being unprepared.


As we enter this season of light, I send warm wishes of hope and new beginnings to you and your loved ones.

Together, let’s celebrate the darkness that’s teaching us to find peace and strength in the mercurial moments of life heart-icon#x2665;.

Then, let’s collectively chant…

bring on the light


This Week’s Video

Everything about this video says light! Check it out here. Thanks so much, Robin!