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Week 6 – Tap On Your Troubles: Learn a technique that can change your life in minutes


This week I’m at Miraval leading our retreat so I’m replaying last week’s newsletter in the hopes that it inspires you to take part in The Tapping World Summit.


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Topic of the Week

Tap On Your Troubles

Over the years many of you have heard me talk about tapping techniques – an elegant and efficient method for dealing with fears, phobias, trauma, addiction, weight loss, and so much more.  Tapping uses the body’s energy system (just like acupuncture) to clear away blocks that are keeping problems in place.  As you tap on specific points on the body while repeating phrases related to the issue, life-long problems often vanish.

When I first heard about the technique, it sounded too good to be true.  Then I experienced it for myself.  After my husband Michael was trained in tapping more than fifteen years ago, he successfully treated my fear of flying during a very bumpy flight.  After tapping with him for just fifteen minutes, my fear was completely gone (and stayed gone).  That’s all it took for me to take this unusual method seriously.

I began tapping myself and then started sharing it with friends and family.  I used it to help people with a variety of issues – a friend who was anxious waiting for a medical diagnosis, a friend who wanted to eliminate his cravings for chocolate, and a colleague who was ready to overcome her fear of heights.  I’ve been consistently blown away by the results.

The Tapping SummitI share this information with you because I’m such a huge fan of this remarkable healing technique and I want as many people as possible to use it.  To that end, I want you to know about The Tapping World Summit, which starts on February 4th.  This summit is presented by Nick Ortner and his sister, Jessica, and for years I’ve watched them invest countless hours (and dollars) to bring this powerful healing technique to the world – often for free.

Their virtual summit will allow you to learn all about tapping, how to do it, and what to use it on, from twenty experts in the field (and it doesn’t cost a thing). You can use this technique for things like overcoming a fear of public speaking, losing weight, eliminating physical pain, or ending self-sabotage. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

I’m excited to be one of the experts teaching tapping as part of this year’s Tapping World Summit.  I’ll show you how to use tapping to eliminate conflict phobia, to set healthy boundaries, and to deal with the underlying causes of self sabotage that prevent you from taking good care of yourself.

To get access to this information, you’ll be asked to provide your name and email address.  Once you do, you’ll receive an email with all the info you need to access the summit so you can start using the technique.

So, to gain access to the Tapping World Summit, simply visithere and fill in your information.  Then, once you do, I’d love to hear from you on Facebook about how your life changes.

Take Action Challenge

“The Tapping World Summit” starts on February 4th and registration is now officially open. You can sign up here.  Also, you can watch a video with Jessica and Nick Ortner who talk about how effective tapping is and what you need to know to start using it now. You can find it here.

This week’s video just came in from my mom at the exact moment I was searching for one.  I love when that happens smiley2#x1F600;.  It’s adorable (be sure to watch the dog on the left first) and you can watch it here.  Thanks, mom!


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