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Week 9 – How my cat taught me to stop worrying

I woke this morning to find Poupon sound asleep under my left arm. I watched the velvety gray fur on his cheeks move in and out as he breathed. I studied the whiskers splayed atop his eyelids and the tiny satellite dish ears that turned this way and that as they captured the random sounds of the morning.

These are the moments that matter, I think to myself as I lay in my warm bed, listening to the wind.

Take it in.

Enjoy this experience.

You’d miss it if it were gone.

Rather than give in to my busy mind that had already begun gathering a list of what needed to be done – laundry, this blog, tending the bird feeders, exercise, etc., I decided to stay put.

I’ve mastered the art of worrying, I thought to myself, it’s the art of presence that needs my attention.

So I focused more intently on Poupon, the way his front paw was tucked neatly under his chin, his little heart-shaped nose, and the silky fur that grows longer on his belly than on his back.

Presence is the antidote to worry.

Last week, while hosting a tapping session on my Facebook Page, I was reminded of how masterful we humans are at worrying.

We worry about those we love.

We worry about those we don’t.

We worry about what we need to do.

And we worry about what we haven’t yet done.

During the session, we took things people were concerned about – health issues, the state of the world, sick loved ones, finding a job, financial stress, etc., and we used tapping to restore peace and calm to the present moment.

You can watch the video (and tap along with me) here.

I’m excited that we have this new way of connecting with each other and it was great to see how effective the tapping is over a Facebook Live session. Hundreds of people wrote in to say they felt calmer and more relaxed.

I’ve decided to host another session tonight (Sunday) at 6pm EST. During this event, I’ll talk about a simple way to learn to manage your mind, and I’ll conduct another tapping session to help you feel peaceful and calm.

It will be also be a great way to kick off this year’s Tapping World Summit, which starts tomorrow. I love supporting this event because I learn new ways to use tapping in my own life and because it offers you a way to learn the technique from the comfort and privacy your own home. And you don’t have to purchase anything to learn it.

You can register for the summit, here.

After waking up and using my time with Poupon to become more present, I’ve felt more alive and happy all day. That’s what presence does. It tunes us in to the beauty that’s right in front of our eyes.

Let’s find the beauty together tonight. Join me on my Facebook Page at 6pm EST. And who knows? I might even get Poupon to make an appearance, too!

Video of the Week

This week’s video is a good example of the magic that can happen when we’re attentive to the present moment. Red cardinals are one of my favorite birds, and when this little guy came to visit, I was fortunate to stop and capture the experience. You can watch it, here.