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Week 9 – Why you must be willing to open your mind to the seemingly impossible.


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Also, I’ll be in Denver, CO, for the “I Can Do It” conference at the end of April and I hope to see you there!  Check out all the details here.

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Why you must be willing to open your mind to the seemingly impossible.

This week marks the beginning of the 7th Annual Tapping World Summit where you’ll have a chance to learn all about a simple and elegant way to make important, positive changes in your life.

As many of you already know, this summit is one of the only events I sponsor because I’m committed to sharing this healing technique with as many people as possible.

That’s because tapping works.

In June of last year I was in a serious car accident and when I found myself unable to shake the trauma of the event, I called Nick Ortner and asked him to tap with me. During a 30-minute phone call, I was able to process and release the stuck emotions in my body that had been interrupting my sleep and making me anxious when driving or even sitting in a car. I’ve felt fine ever since.

Three weeks ago, when a close friend shared a phobia about reading in front of people, I offered to do a tapping session with her. After an initial conversation about how the fear developed, we began tapping and within fifteen minutes her phobia was gone. Gone.

Just to be sure, I surprised her with an invitation to read a random page out of a book in front of a family member who was visiting last week. Without skipping a beat, she picked up the book and read the passage with confidence and ease.

I’ve used tapping for more than fifteen years to help family members handle the stress associated with illness, to help CEO’s deal with stage fright, and to support friends who were ready to release the ancestral patterns of self-sabotage that kept them from achieving success.

I’ve even used it with my cat, Poupon, to calm him down when he’s been spooked by a loud noise or unexpected visitors.

Life is energy and the future of healing is energy medicine.

We all know our healthcare system is in trouble. At this point we can’t keep treating emotional and physical issues with the same mind that’s created this broken system.

We have to be willing to surrender our old beliefs to something more advanced even if it seems unusual or impossible.

To me, tapping is a terrific example of a new path to healing. It’s a method that treats the source of a problem instead of the symptoms and it invites us to believe in the power of energy.

And I do.

Please give it a try. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn all about tapping therapies so you can use it for yourself and others.

I’ll provide the link below and, after you sign up with your name and email address, you’ll have access to ten days of expert presentations that will walk you through the process of using tapping for a variety of issues. And you won’t have to pay for any of it.

I’m happy to be kicking off the summit with the first presentation called: The Power of No: Learn how to say no to others so you can say yes to your life!

I’ve also contributed a bonus presentation called, Managing Your Stress at the Doctor’s Office inspired by last year’s popular newsletter entitled, “A Letter I Wish I Could Send to Every ‘Checked Out’ Healthcare Provider.”

You can read that newsletter here.

Please give yourself the gift of this experience by signing up for the “Tapping World Summit” here.

You’ll be so glad you did… heart-icon#x2665;

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This Week’s Video

I’m blessed to have friends who share inspiration and beauty and healing with me.  My soul sister Nanna sent me this video and it speaks to the idea that we cannot change the world with the same mind that brought us to where we are.  I felt such resonance with Charles’ energy and I hope you do, too.  Check it out here.  Thanks, Nanna! heart-icon#x2665;