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What were you thinking?

I’ve been making myself crazy since yesterday looking for a custom color palette my friend Ginger designed for me back in late May. It’s a tool that makes it easy-peasy to buy clothes and I love it because I hate to shop. (To see how it works, go here)

I lost the palette somewhere in the house and as I’ve been searching high and low for it since yesterday morning, I discovered something far more valuable: How skilled I am at annoying myself with my thoughts.

I went through the same drawers three times as my mind told me that I was stupid for losing it in the first place. I pulled apart the armoire in my office where I thought I had stashed it while my mind prepared me for the fact that I was aging and losing my memory. My mind even searched for (and found) other things I’ve lost over the last few years to back up its case!

Now I know better. And I know you know I know better because you read my blogs. But I’m human and this is what we do – we give far more attention to the negative than the positive because our brains are designed to keep us safe. From tigers and lions. But not from ourselves.

Once I saw what I was doing, I turned the whole thing on its head. I congratulated myself for noticing. After all, it’s a high form of meditation to notice your thinking, right? Anytime my mind started in with its nasty, negative chatter, I gently steered it back to the present moment by noticing my surroundings and what I could hear and feel. When I was centered and sane, I celebrated my success by telling myself that I was becoming masterful at living in the present moment.

About an hour ago I found the palette. It was stashed under the computer on my desk. I laughed out loud when I saw a swatch of color sticking out from beneath the metal cover. I pulled out the palette aware of the fact that another gift of being present is the ability to see what’s right in front of your nose.

And there you have it. Be kind to yourself today and remember, notice your thoughts 😀.