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Who’s making the rules?

The next Self Care by the Sea retreat is now open for registration and the focus of this one is on passion. The intention of this weekend is to help you bring your creative ideas to the world in an empowering, successful, and financially lucrative way.

Life is changing. The days of working nine-to-five for a corporation are becoming less and less appealing and people are turning to self-employment and the sharing economy to feel more in charge of their lives. After all, as an entrepreneur, you make the rules. You can decide to work at night so you have afternoons free. You can make time to go to the gym in the morning. You can watch a documentary after lunch before you check emails. Or meditate. Or do yoga.

And most importantly, you can do work that feels satisfying, meaningful and fun. Imagine that…

I love business. My dad was an entrepreneur and I’m grateful that I grew up learning about numbers, accounting, marketing, and money, and that I used this knowledge to build my own successful company doing things I feel passionate about – writing, teaching, coaching, spending time in nature, and being a curator of beauty.

At the April retreat, I’m looking forward to sharing what I know about bringing our passions to the world. Not only that, but I want to talk about things that often don’t get talked about like how to make the management of money fun. What we do with feelings of jealousy or envy about someone else’s success.  Or how we handle criticism, rejection, and negative feedback.

Just this morning, I read my friend, Reid Tracy’s blog about receiving a few negative reviews about his new podcast and how he found himself focusing on those in spite of having received so many more positive reviews.  I applaud his courage for writing about it.  It’s one of the biggest challenges we face when we’re brave enough to bring our passions to others. How do we keep walking forward when someone has an opinion and they lack the sensitivity to share it in a helpful, constructive way (or to keep it to themselves when appropriate which, honestly, can sometimes be the better choice)?

It takes guts to bring what we love to the world, let alone our vulnerable, authentic selves, especially in this day and age. But ironically, it’s what we need most right now. We need people who take responsibility for the quality of their lives; who make their personal growth a priority; who are brave enough to leave the tribe and try something new; and who are invested in being authentic and compassionate in the face of naysayers, self-doubt, and criticism.

Yup, evolution requires a commitment to inner work.

If you have something you’re passionate about and you’d like help sharing it with others (and using it to rule your own life), I invite you to check out the new retreat here.

In the meantime, go out and do something gutsy today!


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