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Wild child meditation

The sun is flooding my office with winter light and Berty, our ginger cat lying at my feet, looks like a warm bowl of carrot soup. Wednesday, his sister, is close by giving herself a leisurely bath. We’re all enjoying a quiet start to the day. Well, the cats are anyway.

I sit down to write and stop to check my email. I type a sentence or two and get up to make another cup of tea. I come back to my chair and scroll through Instagram reels laughing out loud at the insanity of jokesters. Then I chastise myself for not staying focused only to get up shortly after to put a few more holiday decorations away downstairs.

Like a wild child with ants in her pants, I just can’t get myself to sit still so I’m going with the flow. Rather than fight the urge to move, I’m going to honor it. A long walk, a dip in the icy cold tub, a trip to the basement to reorganize holiday shelves, and playing fetch with the cats will be my meditation for the day.

Don’t push, wait for the pull, I often tell myself. Move when the energy moves you. It’s a lovely thing to honor oneself this way.

Enjoy your week!


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