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You’re invited to steal this

Last night I went to bed feeling anxious for the world. This morning, I woke remembering who I am. I sat up, opened my journal to the last page, and read a note I wrote to myself a few months ago.

Please feel free to steal this.


When you feel hopeless, frightened, or like the world is out of control, remember:

No one can influence how you feel inside without your permission.

You can choose to listen to the insanity of your frightened mind (which is well-trained to convince you that you’re at the mercy of what’s happening outside of you), or you can choose to continue working toward a PhD in Peace. Train your mind to be quiet.

You have more control over your health than the media would have you believe. You choose what you eat, how frequently you move your body, how lovingly you speak to yourself, and what you will and will not allow into your eyes and ears. Be very, very picky.

Rather than contribute to conflict and hostility with your thoughts, words, or actions, be generous and loving.  Surprise people with unexpected acts of kindness. Do this every single day. It feels wonderful.

When in doubt, get outside. Walk upright. Breathe deep. Drink in your surroundings. Travel the well-worn path around the neighborhood where frogs croak their hellos from nearby ponds, Monarch butterflies delight you with their beauty, and the fertile, damp scent of dirt and roots carry you back to earth.

Keep in mind, sweetheart, you’re sitting on a planet, spinning in the middle of vast, empty space. You’re here and you’re gone in the blink of an eye.

Make it count.


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