Cheryl's Blog

A welcomed surprise

We woke to a winter wonderland with trees laced in white and evidence of critters scurrying over snow-covered fields throughout the night. As I stare at the scene before me, I think about how beauty animates life in the most gratifying way.

My fingers and I are taking a break from machines this week to rest and replenish. It’s good to immerse oneself more deeply in the simple, unplugged pleasures of life.

As 2021 comes to an end, I choose to focus on all there is to be thankful for – the wellbeing of family and friends, the chance to retreat and revisit our priorities once more, and the relentless reminder that, in the end, what sustains us is our health, our loving connection to one another, and our commitment to tend to the relationship that will anchor us to sanity most reliably – the abiding spirit within.

Have a good New Year. Be gentle with yourself and kind to your neighbor. These are hard times for many and the world needs our love.

May 2022 be a welcomed surprise for us all ❤️.