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The art of making moments

Sitting by the window in the early morning light, I watch geese glide across the inky blue reservoir below. Like shooting stars in the night sky, they leave trails of light in their wake making a moment I know I’ll always remember.

Moments. When I look back over my life, the memories that stand out the most are the experiences that felt spontaneous and special. The surprise visit from a red fox rolling around in the backyard. Running into a high school friend I hadn’t seen in years while finishing up some last-minute holiday shopping. The familiar smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree. Or sitting in another room and hearing Michael talk to our cats in the most endearing way as he prepared their food in the kitchen.

What is it that makes these moments, I used to wonder? Fate? Presence? Some mysterious act of love?

As I stare at the geese, I direct my consciousness to their dance and use my senses to capture the experience. This is how magic is made. When you stop and notice where you are, what you see, what you hear, what you feel in your body, what you smell, you engage your senses and this brings you home to yourself.

Try it right now. It’s a powerful practice that turns life on.

Moments are free. They’re available to you all the time no matter where you are. The only requirement is your attention. More than any holiday gift, this is where meaning lives. And meaning is what we remember most.

So today, start a new practice. Come home to yourself. Make some moments to remember. ❤


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