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Yesterday afternoon I walked out the front door toward the garage and was hit with a wave of grief.

I miss Poupon, I felt more than I thought. I still can’t believe he’s gone.

The rush of sadness came out of nowhere. I wasn’t conscious of thinking about our cat. I didn’t hear a meow or feel a brush of fur against my legs. The grief just showed up and tears started to flow.

At that moment, a small white feather floated into my path. It was no more than two inches wide and it, too, came out of nowhere, dancing back and forth in the breeze nearly landing on my feet.

There’s my boy, I mused as I smiled through my tears. He may be gone, but his spirit is still with me.

I’ve learned to trust these sweet signs of grace – delicate fingers reaching out from a tapestry of energy that envelops us. Over the years, there have been too many to ignore – a fox prancing in the field as I stare at the winter landscape dreaming about spring; the ladybug that visits on a cold morning when I’m hungry for a bit of cheer; or the radiant red cardinal that shows up in the ash tree outside my office window when I’m thinking about my dad.


One just showed up as I typed that last line. Hold on while I grab my camera.

Here he is…

I imagine my Dad would look like this dressed in cardinal clothing – proud and full-bellied.

These days, I often find signs in nature. I’ve cultivated such a strong connection with the natural world and I suspect it’s opened a channel where Love flows through when I least expect it (or maybe when I’m least attached to getting it).

I wonder where you find spiritual reassurance – a reminder that you’re not alone, that Love lives on, and that there’s more to this life than we perceive? Maybe it’s on city streets where smiles and store signs and unexpected encounters with strangers give you a sense of connection. Or maybe it’s while driving in the car as the perfect song comes on the radio, or a podcast fills your mind with the inspiration and encouragement you need that day.

Grace.  Energy.  Love.  These forces are real, present, and available to all of us (whether we believe it or not, by the way).

Today, I invite you to be open to the signs of grace – a bird calling outside the bedroom window, the spontaneous visit from an old friend, maybe even a blog in your inbox 😀.

Have a beautiful day!


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Photo by cyrus gomez on Unsplash