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Daily self-care habits that really will change your life

Last year around this time I published a blog called:

“20 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Live Longer and Better”

The list was inspired by a reader who asked about my self-care habits.

While back then I focused on the things I did now and then, today I’m making a list of the daily habits that allow me to live an emotionally and physically healthy life.

Here’s what I do pretty much every day.  When I don’t, I never beat myself up, though. That would be bad self-care .

  • Upon waking, I spend five minutes stretching my body before I get out of bed.  I also set an intention for the day (be more courageous, have fun, be open-minded, finish my to-do list, etc.).
  • Drink water – half my body weight (in ounces).
  • Refuse to rush (still a tough one for me).
  • Drink a cup of green tea.
  • Look for one thing in nature that astonishes me (this one’s easy).
  • Feed the birds.
  • Find one way to relax my standards and let good enough be good enough.
  • Smile (I remind myself to do this at random times throughout the day and it’s amazing how it instantly shifts my mood).
  • Move my body (non-negotiable at this point in my life).
  • Give away one thing I no longer love or need (this is fun, try it!).
  • Eat vegetables and protein.
  • Go to bed close to the same time every night.
  • Leave my phone out of the bedroom.
  • Surprise someone (this could be as simple as holding the door for a stranger, leaving a Grace Card for a server at a restaurant, or contacting someone from my online community).
  • Keep a fresh flower close by.
  • Help someone.
  • Listen to a beautiful piece of music.
  • Meditate, even if it’s for five minutes.
  • When brushing my teeth, I make a point to look into my eyes and say, “I love you, sweetheart” in the most tender-loving way. (If this sounds corny, you probably really need to do it ).
  • Laugh.  A lot.  (Fortunately, I married a man who makes this one easy).

Okay, your turn.  I’d love to hear about the self-care habits you do every day.

xo Cheryl

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