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Here’s the action I’m focused on right now

Transformation is afoot.  There are big changes happening in the world on both seen and unseen levels.

During these challenging times, as I talk with those who are angry, frightened, anxious, reactive and often emotionally regressed, I’m making a point to focus my time and attention on doing one thing:

I listen.
I listen carefully and deeply.
I listen without plotting a response.
I listen while holding my own reactions in check.
I listen without needing to teach, inform, or inspire.
I listen for much, much longer than I think I should.

I listen because I know it’s not only the most loving and helpful way to be of service to others, it’s how I learn and grow, too.

Listening is the best advice I can offer you at this time because:

People start to heal the moment they feel heard.


P.S. – I’m happy to let you know that we have a refreshed “Touch of Grace” button on the new website for you to use, and you can find it here.