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Holding the tension of the opposites

I’ve spent the last three hours trying to write this blog but I’d rather shut down the computer and take this week off.

I want to be a voice of reason but I’m not feeling very reasonable. I’m feeling frustrated and conflicted. One moment I want to write about racism and rage and the next about how crazy it is to think we can open up stores and restaurants and simply go back to normal.

Whatever normal was…

While I’d like to write something wise that helps you to believe that all will be well with the world, I’m not so sure myself right now.

But that will change.

After too many stops and starts, it finally dawned on me that trying to communicate with you from an unsettled, conflicted place would only make me part of the problem. And we have enough problems right now.

A reactive mind is a dangerous escort. An ego-at-large, anxiously wanting to point fingers and right wrongs.  It’s a small self in search of something outside to make the inside feel good.  And I know better.

So, I’ll keep this week’s message brief while I focus on settling my mind and heart in a place filled with pain and possibility.

No worries though.  Holding the tension of the opposites is what the soul does best.



Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash