Cheryl's Blog

Lifting spirits and turning strangers into friends.

Dense fog has encircled our home this morning making it feel like I’m living in a moody snow globe. In some ways, it feels apropos to the times.

Fortunately, there’s light to be found in the darkness if you look closely and last week I found plenty. My invitation to send your name and address to receive a card or note was not only accepted (thank you, brave souls!), but it also inspired lovely community members to share their desire to be a source of kindness as well (thank you, too!)

So, this week, I’m assembling a team of elves to help me send notes and cards to as many people as we can. It’s a great pleasure to turn strangers into friends with an act of kindness and I’m happy we can band together to do so (sensitive emails will not be shared to respect privacy).

Each day, I set aside a few minutes here and there to write notes of encouragement in the hopes that it helps ease a little pain during these challenging times. I’ve also been the grateful recipient of a little cheer. This week, for example, my friend Libby sent me a video that instantly lifted my spirits, one I’ve watched several times because of its mood-boosting appeal.

It’s my gift to you this week and I hope it lifts your spirits, too.  Check it out here.


PS – This week (Tuesday, December 15th at 2pm ET/7pm GMT), I’m back on Zoom for an event hosted by Alternatives in London, called: “Coach on Call.” It’s a live gathering (that’s also recorded) for those who would like support and for coaches who want to witness laser coaching in action. You can get tix here.