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Happy Holidays from Berty & Wednesday

A subtle holiday has begun here at our home with a handful of simple decorations, candlelight in the windows (my favorite!), stacks of cards ready for the mail, and a tall, white-light-laced tree perched on the back deck – a surprise gift from friends.

Michael doesn’t know it yet, but that tree on the deck will be a blessing this year because our seven-foot artificial one that went up two days ago will be coming down soon. It didn’t take long for the new additions to our family to find the tree, climb the tree, try to eat the tree, and then chew through wires rendering the multi-colored lights a distant memory (no beings were hurt during the misadventure).

Oh, the joys of cats at Christmas 😀.

Speaking of joy and cats, many of you have asked for an update on the two little rascals so I recorded a holiday message from Berty and Wednesday. Be sure to notice Wednesday doing yoga in the background and what happens when I mention the word, “treat.” You can watch it here:

I know this holiday isn’t what most of us had planned for 2020, so I hope this video brings a smile to your face. As we celebrate the winter solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s good to know the light has now returned. We’ll all be together again soon.

In the meantime, may you find meaning in the mess, beauty in the blessings, and joy in the simplest of treasures.



PS – I’m launching a yearlong program at the end of February, 2021, with renowned Enneagram scholar Russ Hudson called, “Learning to Trust Your Instincts.” I’ll be sharing more soon, but you can get a sneak peek of our program here.