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Some good news for a change

Last week I had lunch with the executive director of The Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine.  I wrote about meeting my first turkey vulture at this wonderful animal rehab organization back in October of 2017 (you can read the blog here).

Here’s a little reminder about the center:

Despite their humble surroundings – a 1200 square foot ranch house with several outdoor enclosures – the Center for Wildlife is a pretty amazing place. They field 15,000 hotline calls a year from worried folks with injured birds and animals and they usually have between 150 and 170 animals in their care at one time.

The center hosts 80 volunteers and up to 35 interns from around the U.S., many of whom go on to study zoology, marine biology, environmental science, wildlife ecology and veterinary medicine.

I follow their Facebook Page and last week I heard a heart-warming story I wanted to share with you because I think we all need to hear optimistic news and stories that support our faith in the goodness of people.

A local man found a Great Horned owlet that had fallen out of its nest nearly 30 feet high in a tree.  Here’s the baby:


The owlet is so young that she still can’t see well, and wouldn’t be leaving the nest for months. The parents, very concerned of course, were clacking like crazy high up in the tree.

Whenever possible, the center tries to re-nest raptors so they can stay in the wild with their parents. So, after the medical team provided fluids and emergency care, they were tasked with the job of getting the owlet back home.

A notice went up on their Facebook Page looking for someone with a cherry picker and in no time more than 20 tree and power companies offered their support as well as a local arborist who offered to climb the tree himself!

I’m happy to report that Kennebunk Power and Light has returned the owlet to the nest and she seems to be doing well:

I’m so grateful to organizations like The Center for Wildlife (and the community members who care about wildlife, too!).

When you have a chance, please visit their Facebook Page here and their website here.  There are wonderful photos of the birds and animals they care for, inspiring stories of rescues and healing, and fun facts that will, without a doubt, change the way you interact with animals and birds.

We can all use some good news and I loved the ending of this story.  Thank you Kennebunk Power and Light.

The name of your company suits you well .

xo Cheryl


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