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Self-Soothing Techniques that Calm Fear, Anxiety, and Worry

Join Cheryl this week as she talks about the Art of Self Soothing, does a tapping session to self soothe and takes your questions. Below is the timeline with resources.

00:0003:30 Cheryl’s Welcome
03:3024:30 The Art of Self-Soothing
24:3027:00 Tapping to Self-Soothe
27:0038:00 Taking your questions


Cheryl’s YouTube Channel for past Facebook Live sessions:

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The “Self Care by the Sea” retreat in May is sold out. Put your name on our waitlist to be notified when the next retreat goes on sale here:

And finally, I’ll be hosting a Facebook Live coaching session on Mondays in April at 6pm on Louise Hay’s Facebook page.

xo Cheryl