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Stop the world, I want to get off!

I’ve been walking around all week with a simmering rage brewing inside me.  It’s here with me right now, sitting on my shoulders, arms wrapped around my chest, making it hard to breathe.

I’m tired of a world run by unconscious people.  People who haven’t done an ounce of work on themselves.

I’m fed up with being expected to follow rules set by those who lead with their wounds and think they know better.

I’m sick of judgment and drama and a lack of civility that takes an obscene amount of energy away from real needs that are desperate to be met.

Yesterday, during lunch with a friend – a loving, empathetic woman who spends a great deal of time caring for others – we talked about how hard it is to live each day having to manage such sadness and anger. Because there’s a lot to be heartbroken and pissed about:  The ravaging of the earth, the elderly person in line at the drugstore who can’t afford vital medication, the suffering of animals, or the demonization of those who don’t share our beliefs and perspectives.

There are some days when I’m just plain tired of being appropriate, understanding, or restrained and I want to scream:

Enough already!

Wake up!

Find a therapist!

Join a support group!

Read a self-help book, for crying out loud!

Because I know that all healing and civility and sanity begins with me.  My willingness to check under the hood, to face my demons, and to do the healing work necessary to make me a better human being so I care more about the welfare of other human beings than I do about being right or rich or revered.


It’s tough to feel like you’ve been cast in a soap opera without ever having auditioned, and without the ability to leave the set.

Soldier on, I tell myself.  Keep fighting the good fight.  

Yes, we must speak up, take action, and also hold a vision of a better world.

Because we can never underestimate the power of intention and energy.

xo Cheryl

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