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Tiny treasures waiting for you

He followed me around like a pigeon in a park waiting for a treat. Little Berty, our ginger tabby, kept meowing in the way cats do when they want something and it’s your job to figure out what it is.

When I caught him sitting on a nearby table staring me down, I picked him up and held him like a baby. Lounging on his back, rear legs straddling my arm, he looked like a little prince in my arms. I waltzed around the house stopping now and then in the places where the sunlight touched the room. At one point, Berty began to purr and his rumbling vibrated through my whole body. So much joy, I thought to myself as I swayed back and forth enjoying the warmth of his body against mine. If I could purr, I would have done so, too.

Isn’t it funny how life’s stand-out moments are often tiny treasures like this? Quiet memories like the day a red fox curled up under the maple tree in our backyard and stayed for a while. Or the hummingbird that flew within a foot of my face and hovered there long enough for me to see her eyes. And the morning I stood in the frozen ocean in the dead of winter with a group of friends laughing like little girls.

When you’ve been around the block quite a few times, running towards all you believe will make you happy, you eventually learn to stop and notice all the gifts waiting at your feet.

Berty was my gift this morning. And maybe yours, too. Stop running and look around. There are tiny treasures waiting for you.


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