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You can steal this

Every now and then, when I’m facing a situation that challenges my ability to maintain a calm, peaceful state, I turn to love notes I’ve written to myself that help me get back on track. I modified one recently and thought I’d share it with you in case it might be helpful at some point for you, too. You’re welcome to steal it 😀.

Dear Sweetheart,

If you’re feeling anxious, frightened, or out of control, please remember: You are the master of your experience. No one and no thing can influence how you feel inside without your permission.

You can choose to listen to the insanity of your frightened mind (which is well-trained to convince you that you’re at the mercy of the world outside of you), or you can choose to stay committed to your goal of maintaining a calm, peaceful state.

Train your mind to be quiet. Go sit in a space that feels cozy and comfortable and when you’re ready, set an alarm for ten minutes. Tell your mind that you’ll be staying put until the alarm goes off.

No room for negotiation.

Then breathe. Breathe slow and deep, in and out through your nose. Keep extending the exhale. Notice yourself starting to relax (a yawn is a good sign). While your mind will do everything in its power to convince you that you must get up, please remember who’s boss: You. The Soul.

Keep returning to your breath for support.

You are powerful beyond measure and if you do this practice enough, you’ll find it easier and easier to return to a calm state regardless of what’s going on in your life. I promise this is true.

Also, remember that you have more control over your emotional and physical health than your frightened mind would have you believe. You choose what you eat, how frequently you move your body, how lovingly you speak to yourself, and what you will and will not allow into your eyes and ears. Be very, very picky.

When your nerves get the best of you, go outside. Walk upright. Savor your surroundings. Travel the well-worn path around the neighborhood where birds glide overhead, trees sway and wave hello, butterflies delight you with their beauty, and the fertile, damp scent of dirt draws you back to earth.

Remember sweetheart, you’re living on a planet floating in the middle of vast, empty space. You’re a beautiful speck in an unfathomable universe. And you’re here and gone in the blink of an eye.

This too shall pass.


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