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The Enneagram: Nine Gateways to Presence

Trust your instincts!

On February 25th, I launch a yearlong coaching program with my friend and colleague, Russ Hudson, author of the new audio workshop by Sounds True called: The Enneagram: Nine Gateways to Presence. The Enneagram is a psychological and spiritual typing system that captures the essence of who we are and how our personality gets in the way of authentic expression.

The Enneagram: Nine Gateways to Presence

If you’ve ever wondered about the Enneagram, where it comes from, and what you might learn about yourself that could change your life, I highly recommend this latest offering from Russ. I’m soaking up every word and am grateful to have access to wonderful new material from such a gifted teacher.

While it’s cliché to say that learning about the Enneagram will change your life, it’s true. In all that I’ve studied during the last twenty-five years, the Enneagram has had the most powerful influence on my relationship with myself and others. I can’t recommend it enough.

The program Russ and I will be leading this year is called “Learning to Trust Your Instincts” where we’ll explore the part of the Enneagram teachings that speak to the driving forces that operate throughout our daily lives. These instincts are:

  • The Self Preservation drive focused on survival needs such as money, food, health, safety, comfort, environment, etc.
  • The Sexual drive, focused on sexuality, and also on the experience of aliveness, and the adventures and activities that capture our attention and energy.
  • The Social drive, focused on connection and communication between human beings in order to create and sustain the bonds that make life possible.

The goal of our coaching program is to help you see the instincts that tend to get more of your attention and the actions you can take to create more balance between all three. With this balance in place, you’ll not only experience positive changes in the quality of your life, you’ll gain access to higher states of consciousness that allow you to operate with more clarity, wisdom, and love.

Learning to balance my instinctual tendencies has made me feel more secure and at peace, and it has quenched my thirst for adventure in spite of being sheltered in place during the pandemic. A polar plunge into the ocean on New Year’s Day, a full moon hike in the forest, an honest conversation with a friend where truth touches the heart, are examples of giving energy to the instincts that create a deep sense of connection and enthusiasm for life.

My good friend Marsha has had to take significant steps to scale back her spending and cut expenses due to the pandemic and she would tell you that this investment in her self-preservation instinct has dramatically improved her mental health. “I sleep much better at night,” she admits, “And I have so much more energy now that I’m not constantly worrying about money.”

If you’d like to dive into the wisdom of the Enneagram, the instincts and how balancing them will change your life; if you’re serious about learning and taking action; and if you’re excited to spend a year fully invested in your personal growth, then I hope you’ll join us.  You can learn more about the program, here.


PS – Need a good boost of self-care? Interested in experiencing the healing that comes with witnessing afterlife communication? Ready to laugh and spend a fun afternoon with like-minded friends? Then join me and my friend, John Holland, on Sunday, February 21st, for “Self-Care, Soul Care.” You can read more about the afternoon, here.