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Week 16 – Realignment: Find the one action that does it all


If you feel the need to slow down, reconnect with your soul, and spend time with a group of women who care about living a great life, then you’ll want to join us at Omega on Mother’s Day weekend for a special retreat. I’ll be showing you how to become an extraordinary mother to yourself. It’s a great opportunity to bring your mom, a sister, or a friend who wants to learn self-care strategies that work. You can read more about this special weekend here.

There’s still time to register for the Movers & Shakers workshop in Boston at the end of this week (4/23-4/25). It’s going to be an outstanding event. For more info, visit here.

I’m live on this Monday (4/19), at 5pm ET. You can call me here, (866) 254-1579.

Have a great week…


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Topic of the Week


Last week I shared an exercise you can use when you get your buttons pushed (or to re-center yourself when you feel off track). You can find it here. This week I want to focus on the last part of the exercise – the final sentence stem to be completed:

The best actions for me to take to get back in alignment with my Highest Self are…

The ideas generated by this sentence stem are the most important of all. Think about it. When you know exactly (and specifically) what you need to do to return to a productive and healthy state of mind, you increase your chances of behaving in self-affirming ways. When this happens, life gets better – quickly. You eat better; you make nourishing rest a priority; you become truthful in your relationships; you feel confident enough to ask directly for what you want or need; and you create a state of balance in your life that supports your emotional and physical wellbeing. Sounds good to me!

Here are some examples we received from our Facebook Fan Page last week.

When you feel out of alignment with your Highest Self, you could:

Stop, close your eyes, and take ten deep breaths
Move your body immediately
Write one page about how you feel in a journal
List ten things you feel grateful for
Help someone in need
Pet or play with your cat or dog
Take a nap
Listen to inspirational music
Write down ten positive affirmations
Find something to laugh at
Read something inspirational
Make a cup of tea and take a time out
Get out into nature
Have a good cry

Once you have several ideas of what you might do, it’s time to take this exercise one step further. Think about this: If you had to choose ONE powerful action that will always realign you with your Highest Self, what one action would it be?

It’s a coach’s job to challenge clients to think outside the box. The idea that you can identify or create one specific action to turn your life around in a matter of minutes is the kind of challenge I love to take on. I’m working on my action today.

Now it’s your turn. Complete the Take Action Challenge below and see what happens this week!

Take Action Challenge

Once you’ve read through the examples above, write down anything else that occurs to you. Then, take some time to design one specific action that will get you back on track. Be very specific. For example, instead of saying: “Take some quiet time for myself,” try, “Go to my bedroom, sit on the bed, close my eyes, and take ten deep breaths.” Or, instead of “Count my blessings,” how about, “I’ll take out a piece of paper and list ten things I feel grateful for and then write five affirmations that relate to what I most want to create in my life.”

Once you’ve identified your one specific, action step, practice using it every day this week. Pretty soon you’ll be able to rely on this one behavior to turn any difficult situation around. It will become a trusted support system that gets you into alignment with your Highest Self in no time!

I just LOVE this week’s video sent to me by Mokey. It’s so inspiring and it makes me want to get out and hug everyone . You’ll find it here. Thanks Mokey (call the show )!

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