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Week 27 – Here’s a bold, in-your-face way of undermining a cultural norm.


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Topic of the Week

Here’s a bold, in-your-face way of

undermining a cultural norm.


Holy Wow.

I was sitting here working on this week’s blog when I decided to take a break and watch a few videos to find one for the newsletter.

That’s when I watched a video posted on Chris Northrup’s Facebook page last week.


When the video finished, I felt like I’d been pushed back in my chair by the force of this woman’s presence.

Her words are like weapons of love fiercely protecting her daughter’s heart (and the hearts of all daughters).

Her anger is palpable and potent, used in service of a higher good – the empowerment of someone she holds dear.

And her idea of undermining a societal rule or cultural norm is wise and worth your consideration.

It made me realize that I’ve spent my career undermining the belief that it’s selfish to take good care of oneself.

What rule or cultural norm are you undermining? 

One view was all it took for me to decide to trash my original blog and share this video with you instead.

While the topic is often reserved for private rooms and intimate conversations, and the artist’s language may be offensive to some, it’s worth the company of your open mind and heart.

Her use of words inspires me as a writer and I hope she moves you in some important way, too.


The title of the video is:

“If you’re too grossed out to share this video then you’re exactly why it exists.”

… and you can watch it here.

Thanks, Chris!


This Week’s Video

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