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Week 37 – Life Preserver: How to save someone


I’m excited to announce an unprecedented event – Louise Hay and I will be leading a 5-day retreat for women at Miraval Resort and Spa from 3/27 – 3/31!

After spending time together during our Movers & Shakers workshops over the last year, we decided to team up and offer a self-care event like no other.  For five days and four nights, we invite you to immerse yourself in special programs that will teach you exactly how to adore your precious Self.  In addition, our retreat provides you with outstanding bodywork, scrumptious, healthy food, and a like-minded community of great women… all in a beautiful desert setting. This event is limited to 100 people (we’re taking over the whole resort!) and will sell out quickly.  You’re one of the first to know.  You can find registration information and more details here.

I’m live on the radio this week (9/13 at 5pm ET/2pm PT) and I’ll be giving away decks of my new cards, My Daily Affirmation Cards.  You can listen by visiting and you can call me at (866) 254-1579 for laser coaching.

Have a peaceful week…



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Topic of the Week

Life Preserver

I’ve just finished teaching our Movers & Shakers workshop in Toronto and wanted to send a brief newsletter that shared a simple, yet powerful message.

Last week I had dinner with good friends, some of who are dealing with difficult life situations.  During our conversation, one friend going through a tough divorce said, “I have this handwritten note in my wallet that says ‘You’re the best uncle in the world!’  It came from my six-year-old niece who wrote it while visiting last year.  There are times when it literally gets me through the day.”

Upon hearing this, another friend shared, “Ever since finding out that my dad is seriously ill and may not be long for this world, every day is heartbreaking.  Sometimes a smile from a stranger is the life preserver I need to prevent me from drowning in the pain.”

Tiny gestures.  Unexpected moments of connection.  Simple messages that pierce the heart.  These are the things that often touch us in profound ways – ways the gift-giver may never realize.

On this anniversary of 9/11, I still remember feeling deeply loved by a woman on a train who held my gaze as I cried during a minute of silence honoring those who lost their lives.  Feeling embarrassed, yet unable to contain my feelings, her look said, “Don’t worry.  Let them flow. I’m right here with you.”  She never broke my gaze until the period of silence was complete.  And I’ll never forget her.

Something that seems so inconsequential may literally save someone’s emotional life.   How simple.  How lovely.  How easy to forget.  Please take this week’s challenge to remember…

Take Action Challenge

This week, go out and save someone every single day.  Smile at a stranger, recognize someone’s good act and share it, take the time to acknowledge a special quality in a co-worker, friend, or colleague.   Heal a life with your words, actions, and love.

This week’s video comes from my publisher and friend, Reid Tracy.  It’s a powerful example of a Mover & Shaker and it’s a tribute to teachers everywhere.  You can find it here.  Thanks, Reid!

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