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Week 38 – Stay Awake: Are you missing your life?


I’m off to London this week for the I Can Do It conference as well as the Movers & Shakers workshop.  If you’re going to the event, please be sure to say hello!

I’ll be returning to the Caribbean for the I Can Do It conference, Movers & Shakers workshop and The Writer’s Workshop cruise at the end of January 2011.  If you’d like to join me, Brian Weiss, Wayne Dyer, John Holland and other great teachers, check out the details here.

We now have scholarship information ready for my Miraval retreat with Louise Hay in March of next year.  For more info on this event (limited to 100 people), visit here.

I’m live on the radio this week (9/20 at 5pm ET/2pm PT) and you can listen by visiting  You can also call for coaching here at (866) 254-1579. Join me!

Have a fun week…



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Topic of the Week

Stay Awake

Are you missing your life?  Ask yourself:

How often do I overindulge in the following?

Drinking caffeine

Drinking alcohol

Checking or sending emails

Talking on the phone


Engaging with others on social media sites

Watching TV

Chronically complaining about what isn’t working

Fueling drama

Rushing from one task/activity to another

Getting “caught up”

Taking care of the needs of others

This week, while listening to an old friend talk about how she no longer distracts herself with substances or activities that prevent her from living in the present, I was reminded of how important it is to limit these seductive actions.  When overdone, they make it easy to numb out, avoid making necessary changes, lose connection with loved ones, or tolerate the things that would be intolerable to someone with healthy, high standards.

So, think about it.  Which one are you ready to limit this week so you can feel and experience more of your precious life?

Take Action Challenge

This week, simply become aware of any substance or activity that robs you of being present to your life.  The one you most likely need to address is the one you keep beating yourself up about.

This week’s video comes to you all the way from a community member in Holland.  It’s about an unexpected friendship and it will surprise you.  You can find it here.  Thanks, Geranda!

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