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Week 38 – Believe in Your Desires: Ask for what you want


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Topic of the Week

Believe in Your Desires

A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with my friend Melanie, who had given birth to a baby girl a few months earlier and was now nervous about going back to work.  Like so many new moms, she couldn’t imagine leaving her baby with someone else.

Melanie is a communications executive with a company in the Midwest.  She’s been with them for more than seven years and has enjoyed a fruitful career.  Because her work includes the extensive use of technology, I suggested she negotiate with her boss to work part time from home.  While Melanie had already considered this option, she, like so many people who think about asking for what they really, really want, could see all the reasons why her employer might not go along with the idea.  And, while I could certainly understand her hesitation given the current economy, I also know from experience that when we take steps to honor our soul, a Divine Power rallies to support our highest and best interest whether we get what we want or not.

As we explored the idea, one of the first questions I asked Melanie was about her “success history.”  I wanted to hear about her accomplishments so I could determine whether or not she was well respected and valued at the company.  She was.  Her work history showed that Melanie took her job seriously and that her track record would support her request.

Next, Melanie set herself up to succeed by developing a smart, well-thought-out plan. She gathered research about the number of employees in her field who had successfully made the shift to at-home work; she identified the activities that could be completed from a home office; she considered the logistics – how she would make the transition and how she would inform others; and most important, she put together a list of benefits to the company and a weekly “accountability report” that would assure her boss that work was getting done.

Finally, rather than wait until she started back at work to talk with her boss (her original plan), I suggested that she introduce the idea right away by scheduling a special in-person conversation before she returned.  Melanie immediately scheduled the meeting.

This week, I received a call from Melanie telling me that her plan was met with success!  She did, in fact, make arrangements to work from home two days a week.  As I hung up the phone, I smiled to myself and thought about how Melanie fits the profile of the kind of clients who seem to get what they want out of life.  Here’s what I experienced:

  1. She had the courage to believe she could have what her soul really wanted.
  2. She was willing to do whatever it took to help make it happen.
  3. She was open to feedback and support instead of relying exclusively on her own ideas.
  4. She was proactive and committed.  Once she knew what needed to be done, she took action immediately and continued to follow through in a timely manner until the job was done.

How about you?  Is there something your soul really, really wants?  If so, let Melanie be your inspiration this week.  Follow her lead and let a Divine Power rally behind you, too!

Take Action Challenge

Is there something you really want that you’ve been too nervous or afraid to ask for?  How about taking a page from Melanie’s book and doing what it takes to help make it happen this week?  Follow the steps above, let go of the end result, and have faith that the highest and best outcome will occur.

This week’s video tells our story in two minutes. You can view it here.  Thanks, Kelly!

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