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Week 38 – The building blocks of an extraordinary life.


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The building blocks of an extraordinary life.

Last Thursday I made the following list because I noticed myself smiling in the shower as I readied for bed.

What’s all this grinning about, I thought to myself. How come you’re feeling so happy?

Later on, while sitting in bed, I reverse engineered my day and uncovered ten reasons…

  • Waking without an alarm clock.
  • Feeling the soft fur of Poupon (my gray cat) against the crook of my knee.
  • Hearing Michael’s gentle, rhythmic breathing as he sleeps.
  • Feeling the warmth from a cup of tea leaning against my chest as I gaze out over the mist covering the fields behind our home.
  • Watching the pale, pink light of the rising sun as it slowly takes possession of the day.
  • The taste of watermelon and cucumber blended together.
  • Listening to a haunting playlist of music while walking in the woods.
  • Seeing the iridescent sparkle of a hummingbird as it feasts on a rosy, red blossom in the garden.
  • Sitting next to Poupy, staring at the yellow finches as they dip in and out of the birdfeeders hanging on the deck.
  • Enjoying dinner under the stars with dear friends.

When I finished writing the list in my journal, I thought about the sudden passing of my colleague, Wayne Dyer. He lived a simple life – t-shirt and shorts, beret always perched on the top of his head, a daily swim in the ocean, a mischievous smile, and a penchant for magic.

His wisdom changed millions of lives and he modeled a generosity of spirit that I can only strive to emulate.

Wayne’s unexpected death inspires me to take note of and value the little things.

Because they’re the building blocks of an extraordinary life heart-icon#x2665;.

This Week’s Video

This week’s video shares the wisdom of aging (except for the 51 year-old). You can watch it here. Thanks, Julie!