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Week 39 – Why we need a moment of transcendence


I’m teaching the next Speak, Write, & Promote workshop with Reid Tracy (president of Hay House), in Orlando, FL on Nov 6th–8th.  We have an exciting new prize for this business-building event.  You can get all the info here.

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I’ve just returned from Orlando where I was a grateful participant in the tribute for Dr. Wayne Dyer. It was a beautiful honoring of his life and teachings, and if you missed it, the event was recorded to make it available for viewing indefinitely.

Please take the time to watch it. You’ll see a deeply moving clip from Wayne’s last speech in Australia and you’ll watch him tell one of his most amazing (and funny!) stories about a Monarch butterfly named Jack.

You can register to watch it here.


This week’s blog is a story I wrote about last September…

Why we need a moment of transcendence

I finished watching TV and got up to put my teacup in the sink and start the day.  I walked to the window to look out over the reservoir behind our home and, just as I did, I saw two white swans lift up off the water.

I stood, excited, as I watched them move through the air, wings outstretched like graceful arms.  As they floated over the mirror-like surface of the lake, I put down my cup and went out on the deck to take in their beauty.

Such magic.

The swans flew close to the water, nearly skimming the surface of the lake, as they made a wide loop around the reservoir. As they came back to where they started, they took off to make the same loop again.

As I watched their flight, I felt a rush of emotion.  How fortunate I was to witness this event – the unfolding of beauty and grace.

It felt like the swans were delivering some kind of message.

I was so moved by the experience – this transcendent moment – and I instantly felt connected to a loving, more present part of myself.

It’s a part I’m more in touch with these days now that I’ve stopped traveling so much.

For years I became a masterful hoop jumper because I wanted to feel like I belonged and ultimately to know that I mattered.

The needs we all share as human beings.

I expended so much energy trying to find something of value “out there” that I completely missed the fact that what I searched for was inside me all along.

It’s the hero’s journey, a journey we’re all invited to take.

Initiation by trial and error, waiting for some kind of wake up call to rouse us from our spiritual slumber so we stop running in circles and finally come home to ourselves.

Like the swans flying the same loop over again.

I wish I could bottle this truth and give it to you so you wouldn’t suffer so much, but it wouldn’t work.

Because we all must make the hero’s journey – going in and out of relationships that don’t work; staying in places we know we should leave; doing the same silly things over and over again until we’re fortunate enough to have a transcendent moment that breaks the spell.

Then we remember the truth and take a left turn.

Or a right.

Either way, we make a different choice in spite of how scared or uncertain we feel and life starts to rise.

I’m grateful to the beautiful, white angels who reconnected me to this truth this morning.

And I wish you a transcendent moment of your own.

Go out into nature.

There’s a good chance you’ll find one there.

This Week’s Video

Talk about a hero’s journey. Here’s a video of a woman who’s taken a new, courageous turn in her life. You can watch it here.