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Week 40 – I didn’t expect to discover this at the beach.


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I didn’t expect to discover this at the beach.

I’m a total ocean girl. I love the smell of seaweed, the squawking seagulls, the feel of sand and surf between my toes.

Last week I spent four days in a row at the beach – more visits than I made all summer long. As much as I love to witness autumn’s unfurling colors here in the northeast, I’m currently rebelling against the cooling temperatures and changing leaves.

I feel like fall snuck up on me.

But, back to the beach.

I’ve decided that when I die, I want to be buried at sea. I know that might sound strange, but as I walked along the shoreline, kicking and splashing in the unseasonably warm water, my soul felt so happy that I knew I wanted my body returned to the ancient womb it was birthed from long ago.

Michael’s not too happy with this idea, however, so I have some convincing to do smiley2#x1F600;.

On the first day, as I strolled along listening to the waves crashing in on themselves, I realized something important: I do a whole lot of caretaking in my head when I’m alone.

On my beach walk, I thought about how I might help a friend who’s struggling with a chronic health issue. I brainstormed ideas for a colleague who’s trying to meet her company’s financial goals on time. And I considered Michael’s bad head cold and what he might need to heal faster. Whose beach walk is this, I thought to myself as I stopped and stared out at the horizon. How did “me time” turn into “we time?”

I guess caretaking doesn’t just happen in the outer world. It happens in the inner world, too.

Since then I’ve been paying attention to where my thoughts go when I’m supposed to be focused on me and clearly I have work to do.

But that’s okay. I used to hate when I thought I’d outgrown a bad habit or mastered a life lesson only to find myself back at square one.

Today, I’m much nicer to myself.

This new awareness is an invitation, a reminder to practice presence, to come home to myself.

And to believe in the power of loved ones to heal themselves without my help.

Salt water and ocean air opens the mind and let’s more light in.

Just another reason to love the sea…heart-icon#x2665;

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