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Week 41 – How a friend who died let me know she’s still here


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How a friend who died let me know

she’s still here

Last Thursday would have been my friend and colleague, Debbie Ford’s, 60th birthday. In remembrance, I posted one of my favorite pictures of her on Facebook and included a note about how much I missed her. Lots of readers joined me in sharing their thoughts and wishing her a happy birthday, too.

Later that night, before going to bed, I talked to Debbie, as I often do. Can you give me a sign that you’re still with me, kiddo, I asked her. I miss you and I just need a reminder that your spirit and energy continue to exist beyond the veil.

A little later, I logged on to Facebook to read some of the comments from people who responded to my earlier post. That’s when I got my sign.

But before I tell you about it, I need to give you a little background.

Days before Debbie passed I had an unexpected opportunity to visit her in California when a snowstorm prevented me from flying home from an event in Arizona. I accepted an invitation to drive six hours from Tucson to San Diego, to be with her one last time.

During our visit, Debbie gave me a statue – a sculpture she called, “Blissful Bali.” It was a special gift she’d purchased for herself years before and she wanted me to have it as a reminder to work less and enjoy life more – a message I’ve since taken to heart.

I keep Blissful Bali surrounded by orchids in my bathroom near a soaking tub I use regularly. Whenever I’m watering flowers or taking a bath, I gently touch the statue’s head and tell Debbie I love her.

Okay, back to Facebook.

That night, as I read through the comments on my Facebook post, I noticed one from Fran that included this photo…

debbie & blissful bali

The minute I saw Debbie’s face (and that familiar smile), I knew I had my sign. There she was next to Blissful Bali, looking right at me as if to say, of course I’m here, silly girl.

As I stared at her picture, I could feel Debbie’s presence and beautiful energy. Yes, she is still here, I thought to myself. Always has been. Always will be.

I believe the soul lives on beyond our physical journey and I’ve been blessed with enough signs to know it’s true.

I don’t just wait for signs, I ask for them, and I trust that they’ll show up in the right way at the right time.

I have to admit, this one was quick – less than thirty minutes!

Although my human self wanted to question whether or not I was making more out of this than I should have, I knew better. The human part of us has a tough time comprehending the higher reality of spirit.

And I choose to listen to spirit.

If you miss Debbie like I do, or if you’ve lost a loved one and need a little reminder that he or she is near, try asking for a sign.

And when you get it, don’t indulge the human voice that questions your experience.

The more you listen to spirit, the more spirit will give you something to listen to .

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