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Week 46 – Signs of life after death

It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting in my hotel room getting ready for the second day of our Speak, Write, & Promote workshop. We have a wonderful group of people and I’m grateful to have their loving support as I teach while hosting my grief.

This morning I’m feeling a bit more at peace.

Yesterday, before the workshop, I decided to get my hair done. As I walked through a busy shopping mall here in downtown Boston heading for the salon, I gazed at all the people milling about. Just before reaching the salon, a young African American man with crystal blue eyes walked into my path. He stood before me; his face not more than two feet from mine, and said, “hello.” Then he turned and walked away.

He was beautiful.

Striking, really.

And familiar.

My dad had crystal blue eyes.

I entered the salon as if in a trance and waited at the receptionist counter to be checked in. A wave of sadness hit and I closed my eyes to compose myself.

I’ll miss seeing my dad’s eyes, I thought to myself.

When I opened mine, I noticed an elderly woman on the other side of the counter paying her bill. As she put her wallet away, she looked up at me and winked. Then she walked out of the salon.

A wave of peace flowed through me.

I’ve always believed that the soul lives on after the physical body is gone, but in the throes of loss, sadness washes away everything we think we know.

Until the soul reminds us.

Was my dad’s consciousness using this woman’s body to communicate with me? Did the young man with crystal blue eyes agree to say hello on my father’s behalf? What if we’re all connected in astounding ways that we can’t fully understand while in human form?

These are just some of the questions I’ve been asking as I settle into the reality that my dad is gone. And I’m sure they’ll continue.

While I may never know for sure that life goes on after we die, I do know this: I left the salon feeling a bit lighter and more hopeful.

And I have no doubt that’s exactly what my dad would want smiley2#x1F600;.


Video of the Week

Whether you’re dealing with your own loss or reeling from the election, this week’s video may offer you strength and hope. You can watch it here. Thanks, Mark!