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Week 52 – Here’s one thing you might want to remember on Christmas because it may help you feel better.


Happy Holidays to you and your family and thanks for taking this wild ride with me each week.

Onward to 2014!




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Topic of the Week

Here’s one thing you might want to remember

on Christmas because it may help you feel better.

Well, here we are again.

Holiday HelpIt’s Christmas week and the last-minute shoppers are out and about gathering their final presents before the big day of rest.

One big day.

Seems crazy, doesn’t it?

We spend weeks planning for the holiday, excitement growing with each passing day, until we finally reach the destination – a single day of celebration.

Then, it’s back to real life.

For most people that means work on Thursday.

And the year starts all over again.

We’re a silly bunch, we humans.  We work so damn hard for one day of rest and pleasure.  We plan and save and spend and slave and I can’t help but imagine what life would be like if we put the same effort into improving the things that beg for our attention all year long.

Oh well, I love us anyway #x1F600;.

Christmas is a sacred holiday for many around the world.  A time of celebration and joyful connection with those we love.

But the holiday can also be hard for many.  That’s why I like to think of Christmas as a day of rebirth and healing for those who are sick, grieving a loss, or feeling an unexplained sadness.  Rather than sucking it up and pretending that everything’s okay, it’s good to know that we can welcome Christmas as a day of peace and quiet and restfulness.

Not for me, though.  This year I’m stepping into the middle of chaos with bells on, ready for whatever life sends my way.  (Almost #x1F600; )

I’m off to do a bit of last minute shopping – something I actually enjoy. I love the open-heartedness of strangers, the way a kind of gentleness descends upon the land, and the collective sigh of relief you can almost hear as day turns into night here on Christmas Eve.

One day.

One special day.

One of many more special days to come.

I wish you and yours the happiest of holidays #x2665;.



Here’s a beautiful Christmas story.  Watch it here.  Thanks, Terry!


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