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Week 7 – Valentine Love: Let others know they matter


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Have a love-filled week!



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Topic of the Week

Valentine Love

Last year, an online pal, Karen, shared a Valentine’s Day idea with me on my Facebook Page.  She wrote, “I’ll be spending the day giving Valentine’s Day cards to strangers with hand-written messages and affirmations telling them they matter and are loved.”  Karen invited me to join her and I’m passing her invitation on to you.

How about making this whole week a celebration of love?  Remember the little packages of Valentine’s you used to get as a kid?  The ones you’d fill out and bring to school?  Well, go out some time today, pick up a package or two, open it up, and write the words “You are loved!” on each card (and any additional message you feel inclined to share).  Then, put each Valentine in an envelope, draw a heart on the outside, and put them in your purse, in your car, or in your briefcase, and get ready for fun!

Throughout the week, leave a Valentine on the windshield of a car, in the shopping cart of a stranger at the grocery store, on the desk of someone at work, in a book at a bookstore, or on a table in your local coffee shop.  Each time you leave one, silently bless the person with love, and keep going until all of your Valentine’s have been given away.

I’m looking forward to spreading a little love around this week and I hope you’ll join me.  With all the people we have here in our global community, I’m sure we’ll create a groundswell of love.  Who knows, maybe we’ll tip the scales and inspire world peace?  Now that’s a great intention .

Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Take Action Challenge

Along with sharing your love with others this week, do something special for your Self.  Buy yourself a valentine and fill it with all the things you appreciate about yourself.  Get yourself a gift, wrap it up, and give it to yourself on Valentine’s Day.  I still have (and cherish) the gift I gave myself years ago when I was single and feeling sad on February 14th.  Write the words “You Are Loved!” in red magic marker, surround it with a heart, and keep it in view all week long.  You’ll smile every time you see it.

This week’s video is from Yahoo’s wonderful “Second Act” series and it features Louise Hay. You can find it here. Thanks, Anna!

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