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What if this is what it’s all about?

Last night, I sat on our veranda staring at the late summer flowers in our garden when a hummingbird arrived at the feeder. I’ve been watching for them, knowing each day is a gift because they’re about to embark on the long journey south to a warmer climate.

I always feel a little sad when I no longer see the hummingbirds hovering over the flowers. They’re such a source of joy all summer long and they remind me to pay attention, to slow down, and to linger in the garden for a while rather than rush to get the next thing done. When it comes time to say goodbye, I’m painfully aware that one more season has come and gone and we never know how many we have left.

This brings me to a favorite blog I wrote years ago – one I think about now and then. It captures the day I embraced a little hummingbird wisdom and realized it was time to start changing my life.

It’s the little moments, more than anything else, that make up a deeply satisfying life and this blog helps me to always keep that in mind. I hope it helps you to remember, too.


On Thursday night, I was sitting on the deck at sunset with my husband, Michael, when a ruby-throated hummingbird came for a visit. He flew to an orange hibiscus flower next to where we were sitting, had a little snack, and then hovered directly in front of us for nearly thirty seconds.

I held my breath and stared at his tiny body. Michael and I turned and smiled at each other as the hummingbird bid farewell and whisked away. I sat motionless, tears filling my eyes. It was a spiritual moment – the grace that happens when humans and nature collide.

As Michael and I sat quietly savoring the experience, I noticed the intensity of my happiness. I was so excited by the visit I thought I would burst. At that moment, I couldn’t think of a single thing that would make me any happier than the visit from this tiny creature.

What if this is what it’s all about, I said to Michael. These moments. The magic of a beautiful encounter. The enchantment of wonder.

“What if it is?” he replied. “What if it is?”

As I get older, I no longer want these experiences to be fleeting or undervalued in my life. I want them to matter as much as my work, my connection to loved ones, my ambition.

The soul, when present, is open to rapture, to bliss. Its purpose is to fully experience life and in our busy lives, it’s easy to forget this truth.

Today I choose to remember…


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