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Who haven’t you been yet?

New York City in the dead of winter turns out to be a fun place to visit!  The crowds are more manageable, the hotels offer upgrades, and the shows on Broadway seem more accessible and spacious.

As someone who tends to be a homebody during winter, I’m happy to be changing things up at midlife.  As my friend, Joe Dispenza would say, “I’m breaking the habit of being myself.”

I highly recommend you give it a try .

Normally, when doing a television interview, I’d hop on the train and go to New York the day before and then get back on the train after the show to head home.  This time Michael and I decided to go together to stay at our favorite hotel and catch a Broadway show after my Today Show appearance.

The Today Show segment was great fun and honestly, so much easier than interviews I’ve done in the past.  One of the benefits of being at midlife is that I arrive with only one agenda:  Be myself.  It makes planning so much easier .

Because I have enough experience under my belt, I know I can trust myself to handle whatever happens.  And thank goodness I do. While a television segment is well organized ahead of time, Hoda and Kathy Lee are more spontaneous and as soon as the director let us know we were live, the gals launched into their own agenda, and we were off and running.

During times like these, the only thing I try to remember is something Michael says to me before every interview:  “Whatever happens, honey, just keep smiling!”  Such good advice…

In the old days, if you missed a television interview, you were out of luck.  But now, thanks to the web, you can watch the Today Show interview right here

I’m finding life to be more interesting and exciting when I step outside of the habitual box I’ve built around myself.

Want to give it a try? Here’s all you need to do: Be who you haven’t been yet by doing the opposite of what you’d normally do.

xo Cheryl

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